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Substitute for resolutions 4, 24, 33, 39, 52, 65, 77, 83, 110, 116, 119, 145, 180, 202,
218, 235, 246, 267, 290, 303, 312 and 327

Support for the Armed Forces

      WHEREAS, the Knights of Columbus support for the armed forces dates back to the early 20th century, most notably with the establishment of the Knights of Columbus morale centers supporting the welfare of Allied troops during the First World War; and

      WHEREAS, we operated centers in more than 100 locations throughout Europe serving the physical and spiritual needs of soldiers under the motto, “Everybody Welcome, Everything Free”; and

      WHEREAS, our support for the armed forces continues to the present day, most notably through our support of the Archdiocese for the Military Services Co-Sponsored Seminarian Program and the annual Warriors to Lourdes pilgrimage; and

      WHEREAS, the Knights of Columbus has provided more than 665,000 military prayer books to Catholic troops around the world, including more than 65,000 copies of a bilingual edition for the Canadian military; and

      WHEREAS, we maintain 66 active military councils around the world and have one war-zone roundtable in Afghanistan, and another in the Horn of Africa; and

      WHEREAS, our Brother Knights, along with thousands of other servicemen and women, are presently deployed in hostile and unstable regions around the world in efforts to combat terrorism, maintain order and promote peace; and

      WHEREAS, the families of those courageous servicemen and women now deployed are praying for their safe return; and

      WHEREAS, many of these men and women have heroically given their lives or sustained serious or debilitating injury while deployed in the service of their country; and

      WHEREAS, we are committed to “serving those who served” through the Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services program, with Brother Knights donating more than 100,000 hours of volunteer service at over 130 Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers last year.

      NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Knights of Columbus reaffirms our unequivocal gratitude, support, and encouragement for the men and women of the armed forces who defend our liberties and freedoms; and

      FURTHER RESOLVED, that we remain steadfast in our commitment to recognize the contributions of every service member on Active Duty, in the Guard, in the Reserves, and all veterans and retired service members; and

      FURTHER RESOLVED, that we prayerfully support and encourage the families of those servicemen and women who are deployed overseas; and

      FURTHER RESOLVED, that we continue to pray for the mission success and the safe return of all military personnel throughout the world; and

      FURTHER RESOLVED, that we now pay tribute to those men and women who have served, especially those who have suffered serious combat injuries, and we pray for the souls of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives in the service of their country.