New Agents Fulfilling Founder’s Dream

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As Knights of Columbus Insurance experiences continued growth, the Order’s 130 general agents constantly recruit new field personnel to meet increased staffing needs. November 2006 was a record month for the Order, with 39 new field agents across the United States and Canada taking advantage of this exciting career path.

“The opportunity that we have for people to come and represent us is so great. It’s just a matter of getting the word out,” said Robert T. O’Keefe, vice president of manpower growth, retention and development.

Field agents and fraternal leaders alike have been called upon to help general agents identify potential field agent candidates.

Among those recently hired is Mike Rodriguez, a field agent with the Ben Maniscalco Agency and member of Our Lady of Grace Council 402 in Harrison, N.J. Rodriguez had joined the Knights about six months earlier and purchased a policy through the Order’s top-rated insurance program. His Hispanic background and ability to speak fluent Spanish has made him an asset in urban areas of New Jersey that were previously underrepresented.

“That’s one thing I love about this job: I’m actually helping people,” Rodriguez said.

David Aguilar, a member of Father Gerard C. Masse Council 11026 in Carthage, Texas, shares this sentiment. Aguilar, a field agent with the David DeAnda Agency, lost his home during Hurricane Katrina. He moved his family four times over the next six months, ending finally in Carthage.

“Everything seemed to happen in such a way that led me to this point, and I marvel often about how I came to be here,” Aguilar said.

After leaving Western & Southern Financial Group, Aguilar began researching employment at other insurance companies. In September 2006, he happened across the K of C Web site.

“I thought it would be nice to get out of the corporate insurance business and do something that felt good,” Aguilar said. “It has been a real pleasure to be seen as I’ve always wanted to be seen: as an adviser.”

As the Knights of Columbus grows, so too does the diversity among agents. “Our field force consists of all ages, of course, and people from all walks of life,” O’Keefe added.

Dennis Danduran, a member of Estes Park (Colo.) Council 12063, had little background in insurance before joining the Knights — except that he and his wife were both insured through K of C policies.

When Danduran’s spouse passed away in 2004, leaving him the sole provider for five young children, he began lecturing with the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education about the importance of owning life insurance. Soon after, he joined the Order’s field force with the Doug Parsons Agency.

“I felt a real calling to start selling life insurance because I felt that I was helping people just through my talks,” Danduran said. “My goal is to really educate families about the things we offer through Knights of Columbus Insurance.”

Click here for more information about a career with the Knights of Columbus. You may also call Robert O’Keefe at 1-800-524-3611 ext. 4262.

Field agents, district deputies and council officers also have the opportunity to earn a cash bonus for referring a successful new field agent through the Order’s Fistful of Dollars incentive.