'The Knights...Were There for Me When I Needed Them the Most'

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A Strong Shoulder in a Difficult Time

Last Fall, Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson received a letter from a widow of a departed brother Knight. The letter cut to the heart of what our insurance program is all about. In 1882, when Father Michael J. McGivney founded the Order, his primary concern was the care of widows and orphans.

Even though 125 years have passed, we have never forgotten his mission. That mission will only be complete when the widow of every Catholic man who dies prematurely receives the same care and service from the Knights of Columbus that this woman did.

The text of the letter appears below. While the names have been changed, the letter appears nearly word-for-word. This is what she said:

Dear Supreme Knight:

When my husband became a Knight, we were introduced to our insurance agent, Mike Walther. We could sense right away that he thought of his career as more of a “ministry” than a sales position. Little did I know then how much his sense of ministry would mean to me.

During our meetings, we weren’t easy to persuade. Never willing to give up, Mike worked to show us that we had a need, and he was able to help us understand the value of being protected with life insurance.

My husband died suddenly last fall. His death was a shock to everyone. Although from a medical standpoint it shouldn’t have happened, I guess God felt his work on earth was done. Mike was there for me immediately. He was at the wake and the funeral, and then stayed by my side and helped with whatever I needed. He cried for my husband just like I did.

I think that in this world where everyone is focused on the bottom line, I saw what the Knights are truly about. They were there for me when I needed them the most.

Beverly Buchanan

One life lost. One life continues. One chance to help. A strong shoulder when she needs it the most.

The choice of what happens after we’re gone is ours. When our life here ends, we all want someone we know and trust to be there to help our wives, to console them, and, yes, to cry with them.  Professional Knights of Columbus agents will do that. The Order will be there for her.  That’s a comfort you can’t get anywhere else.

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