New Membership Document

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Due to changes in insurance regulations, the New Member Whole Life Insurance Plan, previously offered on the new member application, is no longer available. Because of the regulatory change, all recruiters must begin using the revised Form 100 immediately and destroy all previous versions of Form 100. The old form that needs to be destroyed is the green membership form.

The major revision to the new Membership Form is the New Member Annuity Plan offered to a new member and his wife. The Order is offering the New Member Annuity Plan to introduce a member and his wife to our insurance program and to assist in planning financial stability for retirement. The New Member Annuity Plan is available to a new member and his wife between the ages of 18 and 83 for as little as $100 each.

A good accompaniment to the new Form 100 is the New Member Annuity Plan information pamphlet. The pamphlet is also available from the Supply Department (Form #4794 5/08).

Other enhancements have been made to the Form 100. The size has been changed, the print font enlarged and the shaded coloring revised to make the form easier to read, provide more space for entries and to assist in determining an applicant’s interests and preferences.

So please, destroy all previous versions of Form 100 immediately and use the revised Form 100.