Let us Help You Simplify Your Life Test

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by Thomas P. Smith Jr. Executive Vice President (Agencies and Marketing)

That’s probably the exact opposite of what you may think happens when a representative of a life insurer comes to your home. Most people, inundated by too much information, think that a discussion about their financial future with a professional advisor leaves them with more questions than answers. That may be true under some circumstances, but not with the Knights of Columbus.

We made a decision some time ago that we could not and would not be all things to all people. We decided to focus on what we can do best —and diligently train our agents and home office staff to excel at those items. We offer you life insurance (whole life and term), fixed annuities and long-term care. We won’t be discussing 20 or 30 ways you can take action to prepare for the future. We will sit with you and your wife, gather some very basic information, draw a conclusion with you, and propose a solution for you that fits within your budget. This can all be accomplished in a couple of appointments in your home (yes, we still make house calls!) that shouldn’t take all that long.

The cynics may say that our offerings simply cannot solve every situation. Well, if you’re investing money in equity-based offerings such as variable life insurance or mutual funds, that’s true. We don’t sell those products. But I am hard-pressed to find a situation where the products we do have can’t help you. Whole life insurance, for example, is a beautiful product that has to be seen to be believed. Once seen, you’ll agree. There really isn’t much it can’t do.

So if you are avoiding a conversation because you fear it may leave you more confused than ever, let us simplify your life. No rocket science … no complex formulas … no PhDs required. We make it simple, easy to understand, cost efficient and helpful. And it all comes with the financial strength of your organization serving as a backdrop.

I know I scratch my head a lot, wondering if I am really “getting it.” When my K of C agent leaves my house, the only thing I “get” is a good night’s sleep. Give it a try.