VANTAGE Single Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDA)


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Vice President for Marketing Mike Boullion
talks about the VANTAGE Annuity
Vantage Innuity

Concerned about a comfortable and worry-free retirement?  The Knights of Columbus VANTAGE Single Premium Deferred Annuity might be part of the answer.

The VANTAGE Annuity is a single premium contract, with a minimum premium of $25,000.*  Surrender charges may apply for early withdrawal.

The VANTAGE Single Premium Deferred Annuity uses two interest rates.  The first is the Minimum Guaranteed Rate, and is guaranteed for the life of the contract.  The second rate is the Current Declared Interest Rate at the time of issue, which is guaranteed for 5 years. Contact your agent for current interest rates.

All guarantees are backed by the Knights of Columbus.

The annuity owner has the ability to annually withdraw up to 10 percent of the value of the annuity without a surrender charge after the first contract year (assuming the value of the funds in the annuity after the withdrawal remains above $5,000). **

The owner will also have several options at the fifth and tenth policy anniversaries, including keeping the funds in a VANTAGE Annuity, leaving the funds in a portfolio account where the interest rate can be changed on a quarterly or more frequent basis, or, if requested within the 30-day period prior to the fifth or tenth anniversary, withdraw the funds without a surrender charge. **

The VANTAGE Annuity is available in the U.S. and Canada for both tax qualified (IRA's and RRSP's) and non-qualified plans.

Your professional Knights of Columbus agent will be happy to give you all the details on our VANTAGE Single Premium Deferred Annuity, as well as all of our other life insurance, long term care insurance, and annuity products.

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* The Order reserves the right to refuse or limit payments in excess of $250,000 under certain circumstances.  Contact your agent for more details.

** In the U.S., if the owner is younger than 59 1/2 at the time of distribution, a 10% federal tax penalty may apply to the taxable portion of distribution.


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