Knights of Columbus Young Adult Insurance
Knights of Columbus Young Adult Insurance
Knights of Columbus Young Adult Insurance
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Young Adult Insurance

Young Adult Insurance offers an easy, affordable annual renewable term insurance to Knights and their spouses ages 18 to 29.*

Now is the perfect time to build your financial portfolio. Here are several reasons why you may need Young Adult Insurance:

  • 1. You’ve got debt.

    Maybe you have student loans. Maybe you’re paying off your car. Maybe you have some credit card debt.

    Not all debts are forgiven when you die. Depending on the type of debt, the state you live in, and whether or not the loan is cosigned, your family could be responsible for that money. And, if you don’t have any debt, what about funeral costs and final expenses?

  • 2. You want to protect the ones you love.

    You don’t want your parents and your family to be saddled with your debt if something happens to you. So why not make sure they won’t be? It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s what Knights do.

  • 3. You’re on a budget.

    Young Adult Insurance is affordable. How affordable? Really affordable. The amount you pay is based on your age and medical history, but you could get $25,000 of coverage, for less than $6.00 per month.

  • 4. Your time is valuable.

    Young Adult Insurance is quick and easy. It’s an annual, renewable term insurance product, that renews each year, up to age 70. It’s designed with Knights ages 18 through 29 1/2 in mind, to maximize affordability and flexibility.

  • 5. You’re a Knight.

    Our founder, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney started the Knights to protect Catholic families from financial devastation. We currently have over $100 billion of insurance on our members and their families. They take comfort in the fact that we are a highly rated life insurance company in North America.** Knights and their eligible family members throughout the United States and Canada trust us with this important task. It’s what Knights do. And, as a Knight, you’ve got a dedicated agent – a fellow brother Knight – to help you. Why not begin that relationship today?

    **Currently rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best

  • 6. You’re Catholic.

    There’s an advantage to buying Catholic. You get the comfort of knowing that your money is going to an organization that performs tremendous works of charity, that stands resolutely behind the Church, and that conducts its business in an unapologetically Catholic way, with strict rules on ethics and investments.

  • 7. You won’t live forever.

    Let’s face it, you are going to die. Hopefully not soon, of course! But what if you do? What will happen to those you love? Would you protect them if you could?

The process is easier than you might think. First, start by requesting a quote below. After you provide your information, we’ll tell you how much your Young Adult Insurance policy will cost annually. Be sure to have your license and council number handy.

Then, once you approve your quote, we’ll send your information to our headquarters for review, and then hand it off to one of our dedicated, professional field agents in your area, who – by the way – is a brother Knight just like you. He’ll be in touch soon to answer any of your questions and get you set up with your very own Young Adult Insurance policy.

There’s no obligation. There’s no catch. Your policy will not be finalized or active until you meet with your agent, sign some documents, and pay your first premium.

So why not go ahead and get started?

Click Request a Quote.

Congratulations on taking the first step to doing the right thing and protecting your family.

*Product not yet available in CA. Spouses of Knights, though eligible to purchase insurance through the Young Adult Insurance program, cannot request a quote online. Contact your agent for more details. Find him at