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Padre Francisco Garces Council 9378 in Yuma awarded scholarships to Anthony Acosta Jr. and Sabrina Garcia.

St. Clare of Assisi Council 12851 in Surprise donated $7,000 to its parish to purchase a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. Funds for the donation were raised when council members worked the concession stands at all of the spring training games for the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers.

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Volunteers look on as a section of roofing is lifted into place by crane at the future home of Capt. Patrick Glavey, a U.S. Marine who was severely injured while serving in Afghanistan. Knights from seven K of C councils in and around Denver joined dozens of volunteers to help construct the house, specifically by providing food and drink to all of the workers. Capt. Glavey, whose legs were amputated as a result of his injuries, received his new home through Homes for our Troops.

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St. Pius X Council 9976 in Billings raised nearly $4,600 during its annual fund drive for people with intellectual disabilities. The funds were divided among five organizations that work with people with special needs.

Nevada Back to Top

Sierras Madre Council 4781 in Carson City provided support to a work camp program sponsored by the youth ministry at St. Teresa of Avila Church. Knights supervised participants during the program, provided transportation and cooked meals. The youth who participate in the work camp give back to the community by performing maintenance projects for the elderly, sick or needy.

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Salt Lake City Council 602 hosted a benefit breakfast that raised $500 for the Salt Lake City Fisher House, which provides housing to the families of military personnel who are receiving treatment at VA centers.

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