Nonpartisan National Voter Registration Program

For above poster: Order #10401 through

(For above poster: Order #10401 through

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Nonpartisan National Voter Registration Materials

Posters - The Grand Knight and Financial Secretary can order “Vote” or “Register to Vote” posters through the link to and Officer's Online by using #10401 for the “Register to Vote” Poster and #10402 for the “Vote” Poster.

State Deputies Checklist
Grand Knight Checklist / Faithful Navigator Checklist
Registration Tally Worksheet: (The Program Coordinator is asked to complete this form at the event and turn this form over to the Grand Knight.)
The Nonpartisan Voter Registration Acknowledgment form: (This includes the guidelines and acknowledgement signature needed for the program.)
Powerpoint Presentation
For webinar presentation on the Nonpartisan National Voter Registration Program, click Webinar Training
Guidelines for Political Activity
Catholic Citizenship and Public Policy