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Chaplain's Report

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This Month's Chaplain's Report

Faith Formation Program

The Council as First Receiver of Evangelization

Father Jonathan D. Kalisch, O.P.

Father Jonathan D. Kalisch, O.P.
Director of Chaplains and Spiritual Development


We can no longer take for granted that men who seek to join the ranks of our brother Knights have adequate intellectual and spiritual faith formation, nor have sufficient time and interest to attend fraternal meetings that seem to go-on ad nausea. I invite you as chaplains to do your part to form our men with the faith formation they seek and to encourage local council leaders to creatively find new ways to engage more men in the task of faith formation.

As Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori’s remarks make clear, our brother Knights need the evangelical witness, time and energy we can give to them to help them become deeper men of faith and action. No doubt if our own church was on the front line of a physical persecution, each of us would be in the ‘spiritual foxholes’ with our councils, engaging with them, forming them for the mission and encouraging their participation in the trails ahead.

In today’s day and age, our task is no less vital: Today’s Catholic husbands, sons, fathers and grandfathers have simply not been taught the virtues and responsibilities requisite to their vocational duties. Moreover, most of our brother Knights no longer have the luxury to take time away from their family, wife or job to join us on a weekday evening to discuss how much money to spend on the local fundraiser. In fact, for many good Catholics, it would seem like an abdication of their vocation to go to such a meeting.

Let us take the initiative with local council leaders to encourage more of the fraternal “business” be done at council officers’ meetings and assist officers in creatively finding new ways to bring faith formation, fraternal virtue-based discussions and spirituality to our regular council events and meetings. Whether by watching a video, encouraging faith-based discussion-sharing or simply engaging in an intercessory prayer for potential new men and members in need, we can positively show that evangelization first begins with those around us.

Vivat Jesus!