How to Conduct a Church Drive

It makes sense to look for new members in the place you’re most likely to find them — your parish. One efficient and proven way to do this is to hold a recruitment drive at your parish. Here are five steps to success for your event.

1. The Preparation Phase
  • Get permission from the pastor to hold the drive on the weekend of March 14-15 at all Masses.
  • Work with your pastor/parish secretary to advertise the drive in the parish bulletin.
  • Order all of your recruiting materials from the Supreme Council Supply Department (allow 4-5 weeks for shipping and receiving).
  • Organize your members for the drive weekend. Make sure that enough council members are committed to covering each Mass.
  • Contact your council’s field agent to get his assistance.
  • Schedule a First Degree exemplification within one month of the recruitment drive.
2. The Execution Phase
  • Arrange for the membership recruitment announcement to be made during Mass.
  • Have members positioned at the entrances of the Church or other appropriate area, to talk to prospects about joining and help them complete a Membership Document (#100) or a Prospect Card (#921-A) if he’d rather learn more about the Knights before filling out a membership document. These members should be identifiable as Knights and have a good knowledge of the council and the Order.
3. The Follow-Up Phase
  • Within 48 HOURS, council members must contact every prospect who completed a Membership Document (#100) or expressed interest in joining during the execution phase.
  • Inform prospects of the date, time and location of the open house and invite families to attend as well. Also, let them know the date, time and location of the First Degree exemplification.

What Your Council Needs for a Church Drive

To make your Church Drive a success you will need the right tools. Here is a quick guide to what every council might need to have on hand for their recruitment drive:

Membership Documents (#100):
This is what it is all about: getting those prospects to sign up and join you as brother Knights. Next stop — the First Degree, and then your prospects and their families can start being active within the council and in the Order as a whole.

Prospect Cards (#921A): These 3”x5” cards help councils collect the contact information on prospects who are looking for more information on the Knights of Columbus before completing a Membership Document.

Suggested Pulpit Announcement (#10067):
Finding potential new members for your council can be as simple as reaching out to the members of your parish. An announcement by your pastor or a fellow Knight at the end of each Mass on a given weekend, or once a month, is one of the most effective ways to encourage men to join the Knights of Columbus. To assist councils in putting together a message to their parish, the new Suggested Remarks for Membership Recruitment flyer (#10067) is available. This item includes an announcement that should be customized to reflect your council’s activities as well as some suggestions on follow-up activities.


24 Hours Can Change Your Life flyer (#10099)This flyer explains how by only giving 24 hours a year to the Knights of Columbus a man can make a difference in his community, serve his parish, grow in his faith, and protect his family with Knights of Columbus insurance.




Why You Should Become a Knight flyer (#10100):
This flyer give a quick overview of the Knights of Columbus, explaining how the Order was created to unite men in their faith and help them in times of need, as well as how the Knights offers many opportunities to grow in service to their faith, community, family and youth. It also highlights the value of the Order’s insurance program.