How to Recruit Former Members

Former Knights are men who are familiar with the ideals of Columbianism. They left the Order at one time but represent a pool of prospects that councils should not overlook in striving for membership growth. Appoint a special “Welcome Back Brother” committee specifically to recruit former members. Past grand knights familiar with circumstances of earlier departures are especially suited.

  • Obtain a list of “Former Members” (those who took withdrawals/suspensions) and “Inactive Insurance Members” (those who took withdrawals/suspensions but maintain K of C insurance policies) from the Department of Fraternal Services by calling 203-752-4247 or 203-752-4473. Check with your financial secretary for additional names and most recent addresses.
  • Review the list to determine former members known to be residing in the area who are eligible for membership.
  • Prepare information for a presentation for former members highlighting changes, new programs/activities/benefits and recent council achievements.
  • Order recruitment materials from the Supply Department. Prepare kits of these materials for distribution.
  • Contact each former member by phone to arrange a personal visit or invite them to a reception for former members.
  • If conducting personal visits, tailor presentations to highlight new changes/benefits, etc.
  • If planning a “Welcome Back” or former-member reception, use the open house procedures. Be sure to invite your council chaplain and insurance agent to speak at the event.
  • Refer to the Grand Knight’s Handbook (#915), Membership Procedures section, for proper procedures for recruiting former members.
  • Ask every former member visited or those at reception to sign a Membership Document (#100) to renew membership.

NOTE: Reactivating inactive insurance members qualifies the council for both membership and insurance additions toward Father McGivney and Founders’ Awards quotas.

NOTE: Reinstatements, readmissions or reapplications qualify the council for membership additions for the Father McGivney Award.