Work with Your Knights of Columbus Field Agent

The Knights of Columbus insurance program is operated for members and their families and relies on council-agent teamwork for its success while providing the financial backbone for all the Order’s good works.

We often refer to insurance as your greatest membership benefit. It can also be a compelling reason for a man to join the Knights of Columbus. Many men – even those who don’t have a great deal of time – can find it attractive to be able to protect their family with top quality life insurance while helping to support the many good works of the Order.

Your council needs to work as closely as possible with its field agent. Start by appointing an insurance promotion chairman, if possible the field agent, to ensure a smooth council-field agent relationship. New officers need to get to know their field agent. Call on him to be a part of your recruitment team or to help train recruiters. Remember, he is a professionally trained salesman — work with him.