How to Conduct an Open House

Following up your Church Drive with an open house provides an opportunity to further introduce your council and the Order to prospects and their families. The main objective is to “exhibit your products” — your volunteer service programs, your social and fraternal activities, your membership benefits — that your council and the Order have to offer to members and their families.

 o Appoint a committee to organize the open house.
 o The open house should be held in your council’s meeting place.
 o Set a date and time. Publicize the event in local newspapers, community websites, radio, cable television and church bulletins.
 o Order quantities of promotional materials including the “Open House” poster (#2826) from Supply Department at least six weeks in advance.
 o In addition to the prospects from your Church drive, compile a list of other potential members.
 o Send open house invitations to prospects and their spouses.
 o Follow up the mailing with a telephone confirmation of receipt and availability to attend events.
 o As the event approaches, reconfirm all arrangements for site, materials, program, etc.
 o Arrange for a display of council scrapbooks, awards, programs, activities and
 o Assign to each attending prospect to a recruiter who will act as host throughout the event.
 o Invite your chaplain/parish priest and insurance agent to your event.
Plan program:
 o Welcome committee to greet guests;
 o Ask your chaplain or parish priest to endorse the Knights of Columbus;
 o Introduce officers, members;
 o Grand knight/membership director should explain council aims/organization;
 o Ask the insurance agent to explain benefits of membership.
 o Show promotional videos (Available at under the “Fraternal” tab):
 • Experience of a Lifetime
 • Haitian Amputee Soccer Team
 • Trail of Charity (tractor cruise)
 • Pulling for Our Troops (Wounded Warrior support)
 • K of C Commercials
 o Hope
 o Heroes
 o What We Do
 o Be the Difference
 o Building the Church
 o Charity
 o Schedule a question and answer session following the film further explaining the council and the Order. Conclude with refreshments or a light buffet.
 o For those attendees who haven’t already filled out a Membership Document (#100), make certain host-recruiters ask prospects to join, and assist them in completing the Membership Document.
 o Inform prospects of the First Degree date.