Support Materials

Sample Pulpit Announcement

It is my pleasure to introduce you today to the Knights of Columbus. You may already know about the Knights from our council here and/or from some of our other 14,000 councils worldwide. The nearly 2 million members of the Knights of Columbus form the largest Catholic fraternal group in existence. As Knights, we serve our local parish and community while working each day to create a better world through charity. If you are looking to live out your faith in the spirit of charity by helping others, the Knights of Columbus welcomes you to join us.

Knights and their families have the opportunity to become involved in the council's charitable, faith-based and social programs, becoming part of our Knights of Columbus family.

Over the past decade, men like you have enabled the charitable donations of the Knights of Columbus to reach more than one billion, 400 million dollars and individual Knights have donated more than 664 million volunteer hours to charity.

Since its founding in 1882 by the Venerable Servant of God Father Michael McGivney, the first principle of the Order has been charity: we actively assist the Church and our neighbors in need.

We were also founded to protect the livelihood of Catholic families, and that commitment means that we continue to provide our members and their families with top quality life insurance and annuity products. No life insurer in North America has a higher rating than the Knights of Columbus.

Today, we would like to offer you the opportunity to join us in our work for God and neighbor. In this parish, our council, has undertaken these activities: (list council activities)

As a member of the Knights of Columbus, a man does not only strengthen his faith in the here and now. Through his support of community and Church, he will form friendships with his fellow Knights that can last a lifetime. And, he can do his part to make a difference in our parish, our community and our world for generations to come.

As much good work as the Knights of Columbus has done in the past decade, we could do even more with your help. Join us today and help be the difference in your community and Church.

Sample Endorsement from Priests

I’d like to take a moment to encourage the men of our parish to consider joining the Knights of Columbus. Membership in this fraternal organization will give you the opportunity to give back to your community; exclusive access to a top-rated insurance program to protect your family; and the ability to grow in your faith. These are just some of the reasons to become a Knight of Columbus.

The Knights of Columbus is the main source of volunteers for our parish and you have probably seen many of them at our activities. I believe that it man in this parish can benefit from membership in this fine group.

Following Mass there will be members of ________________ Council at the church exits. Please take the time to speak with them, learn more about this wonderful organization, and become a member.

God Bless.

Parish Bulletin Announcement

If you’re interested in helping those in need, serving your parish, growing in your faith, or exclusive access to top-rated insurance protection for your family, then the Knights of Columbus is the organization for you. _______________ Council will conduct a membership drive after each Mass on March 16-17. Please consider joining us. For more information visit (OR COUNCIL WEBPAGE)