Recruitment Strategies

This page is your guide to having a successful recruitment program in your council. The suggestions in the links below are proven winners. You should decide which ones offer the best opportunities for success in your council. These strategies are easy to organize and implement. If you follow all the steps described, you’ll be successful.

Review the programs outlined, take the steps to get organized, implement your program and follow through on it. Please click on the title of the strategy to view the Web page for each, and the "PDF" option to open a PDF file that you can print and distribute among your council members.

Remember, there are a lot of qualified Catholic men just wanting to be asked to join. Now is the time to take your first steps toward offering these men membership in the Knights of Columbus. 

Recruitment Strategies PDF 
Organize Your Membership Committee  PDF 
Build a Prospect List  PDF 
Conduct an Effective Church Recruitment Drive   PDF 
One-on-One Recruiting  PDF 
Recruit Using 2-on-1 Team Concept  PDF 
Hold a Church Drive  PDF 
Conduct an Open House  PDF 
Organize an In-House Open House  PDF 
Conduct A Membership Invitation Program  PDF 
The 24 Hour Knight  PDF
Recruit Former Members  PDF 
Describe the Benefits of Membership  PDF 
Promote the Insurance Program  PDF 
Use an Admission Committee  PDF 
Schedule and Conduct First Degrees  PDF 
Recognize Council Recruiters  PDF