Recruitment Strategies

How to Conduct an Effective Church Recruitment Drive

A coordinated Church Recruitment Drive is an all-out effort to maximize your membership teams' efforts by canvassing an entire parish on one weekend, gathering the names of prospective new members for follow-up.

The Preparation Phase

  • Obtain the pastor’s permission to conduct a Recruitment Drive at the church during a specific weekend.

  • Advertise the event weekly in the parish bulletin building up to when it is held.

  • Order recruitment materials from the Supreme Council Supply Department (allow four to five weeks for delivery). Use the Church Recruitment Kit Order Form when ordering materials.

  • Inform the insurance representatives about the dates of the recruitment drive.

The Execution Phase

  • Set up informational tables at every door of the church. Have plenty of prospect cards and pens on hand to distribute to each man as he enters the church.

  • Arrange for a membership recruitment announcement to be made during Mass by the priest endorsing the council.

  • Have brother Knights on hand to answer questions and to collect prospect referral cards or names and contact information as men leave the church with their families.

The Follow-Up Phase

  • Personal contact must be made with every prospect within 48 HOURS.

  • Inform each prospect and his family of of the date, time and location for the informational seminar, and invite them..

  • Offer transportation if necessary.

The Orientation Phase

  • Order recruitment brochures about the Order for prospects and their families to read.

  • Request that your council’s chaplain start the event with a prayer and some words about the Order and its mission.

  • Consider showing one of the recruitment videos available from the Supreme Council Supply Department.

  • Make the requirements for membership known to those assembled.

  • Offer each prospect a Membership Document (#100) to fill out before the event’s conclusion.

  • Have brother Knights on hand to assist prospects in completing these forms.

  • Conclude the event with some light refreshments.

  • Inform the candidates of the date of the First Degree.

The First Degree

  • Schedule a First Degree no more than two weeks after your informational session.

  • Contact the candidates to remind them of the degree date.

  • Ensure they have transportation to the location.

  • Order degree certificates from the Supreme Council Supply Department as a fitting way to recognize your new brother Knights.

  • Don’t let the new members leave the degree without getting them involved and explaining the Shining Armor Award program.