Supreme Knight Addresses Huge Crowd at Washington March for Life

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Remarks by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson at the 2008 March for Life

Thank you, [March for Life President] Nellie [Gray], for your tireless energy and devotion to the pro-life cause.

We first met 30 years ago at the March for Life and I am proud that thousands of Knights of Columbus have volunteered to help stage this march over the years.

We have followed your example. We help organize Marches for Life all across North America – at the West Coast March for Life three days ago in San Francisco, in Mexico City last fall, and in the Canadian capital of Ottawa each May.

We gather here today at the beginning of another election year, a year in which almost all of the candidates promise “change.” But we have been coming to Washington for 35 years asking for change – asking to change Roe v. Wade.

Thirty-five years ago, the Supreme Court imposed a change on our nation that is at odds with our history, our Constitution and our humanity. And it is time to change Roe v. Wade.

Abortion is wrong because abortion hurts everyone.

It takes the life of the innocent unborn child.

It victimizes the mother and the father.

It compromises doctors and nurses.

It undermines respect for judges.

It implicates the taxpayer who pays for it.

It coarsens the society that tolerates it.

No woman should feel that she must have an abortion. We can find a better way.

We can build a society in which every woman and child can find the support and care they deserve.
We can build a culture of life. We can give hope to every woman and every child.

Today I see thousands of helping hands ready to make this hope a reality and I know there are millions more.
Together we can bring change.

Together we can build a new culture of life in our hearts, in our homes, and in our laws.