Knights Donate $1 Million to Support Marriage in California

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The Knights of Columbus has donated an additional $1 million to support Proposition 8 and the protection of marriage in California.

Knights of Columbus spokesman Patrick Korten said that the million dollar donation from the Knights “is both an indication of how important we believe this referendum to be, and an encouragement to other groups and individuals of all faiths to lend their support as well.”  He noted that “From the day we were founded 126 years ago, strengthening and protecting the family has always been central to the mission of the Knights of Columbus.  Preserving marriage as the indispensable institution in which children are conceived, born and raised to adulthood by a loving father and mother is vital to a healthy society.  It is also the most favorable environment in which to protect the rights and best interests of children.  We are proud to join the Catholic bishops and priests of California, and so many other people of good will, in this effort, on which so much depends.”