Victims of the Floods in Pakistan Receive Support

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Victims of the Floods in Pakistan Receive Support


With help in the form of $25,000 from the Knights of Columbus, the Diocese of Multan in Southern Punjab, Pakistan, has helped thousands of flood victims - many of them women and children.

In addition to food and medicine, the diocese under the direction of Bishop Andrew Francis has distributed cooking and eating utensils, helped care for those with Down Syndrome, and provided transportation to medical treatment for those in need. The help has been given to those in need without regard to their religion.

According to The New York Times the flooding in Pakistan affected more than 20 million residents of that country and covered about 20 percent of the country with water. About 1500 people are estimated to have lost their lives. Catholics make up less than 1 percent of the population of Pakistan, but have been excellent examples of charity, with Catholic organizations such as the Diocese of Multan helping whomever they can in this crisis.