Blessing of Largo Cavalieri di Colombo


Blessing of Largo Cavalieri di Colombo
December 6, 2011 – Monsignor Roger C. Roensch

Heavenly Father – You are always with us! For nearly a century you have inspired the Knights of Columbus to manifest your Paternal Love on behalf of the young people of Rome by providing sport activities useful for their physical growth and development.

The invitation of Pope Benedict 15th given to the Knights of Columbus in 1920 to extend their meritorious service also to the City of Rome endures from Then to Now – the Pontificate of Pope Benedict 16th – always in close collaboration with the Mayor of Rome and his Cabinet Officers contributing to the healthy formation of young Romans for the benefit of the future Italian Society.

O Loving God, we gather together on this occasion to thank you for the possibility of making better known to all the citizens of the Eternal City the significant contribution of the Knights of Columbus to the young people of Rome.

What a perfect day – this 6th of December – the festival of Saint Nicholas. Who, better than he, can be considered the symbol of a loving Father who offers his Fatherhood to his sons and daughters?!

And so, we come to thank God and to bless the Largo Cavalieri di Colombo in the name of our eternal loving Father, his own Son and their Holy Spirit. Amen