Press Releases

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2/26/2015 Knights of Columbus Donate $400,000 for Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine
2/15/2015 TV Ad Recalls Importance of God and Religion to U.S. Presidents throughout American History
2/5/2015 CPTV4U to Help Mark 5 Years Since Haitian Earthquake With Story of Triumph
1/29/2015 Cardinal Francis George to Receive Knights of Columbus' Highest Honor
1/29/2015 Player in Sunday’s Big Game Takes Time for Special Olympics in Phoenix
1/22/2015 Americans Strongly Opposed to Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
1/21/2015 84% of Americans Would Ban Abortion after 3 Months of Pregnancy
1/14/2015 Knights of Columbus Help Philippine Recovery in Advance of Pope’s Visit
1/8/2015 Story of Triumph Airing on PBS Helps Mark Five Years Since Haitian Earthquake
1/7/2015 K of C to Host Haitian Amputee Athletes at Vatican Conference Called by Pope Francis