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Remarks from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson


Remarks from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson
Press Conference on Capitol Hill
June 7, 2017

A year ago, Congress unanimously used the right word to define what was happening to Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities in the Middle East. The Secretary of State used the right word as well.

That word was genocide.

The word was an important first step, and last evening, we saw the next step: bipartisan action to save those communities targeted for genocide by ISIS.

We must have the courage to confront reality and then we must have the courage to change reality. That is what the House of Representatives did last night.

Since 2014, these communities have too often been overlooked by U.S. government or U.N. aid programs. H.R. 390 will help to ensure that U.S. government money will actually reach these endangered communities. Those engaged in humanitarian assistance must not be afraid to help these communities. They face extinction.

Now is not the time for means-testing aid, or for prioritizing only on the basis of individual need.

We must save these communities.

Money has been allocated for this purpose in the Continuing Resolution. H.R. 390 will now ensure it reaches those communities most in need.

Last evening’s vote showed this is not a partisan issue. It is an issue of survival, justice and decency. The action of the House last night demonstrates that America stands united in the face of evil and terror. We are horrified at the acts of savagery inflicted recently in Egypt, Manchester, London, Paris and Melbourne.

Last night’s action demonstrates that America stands united to ensure that the goals of terrorism will never be achieved.

Vice President Pence has spoken out on the need to protect religious minorities including Christians in the Middle East. Yesterday morning at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast he said the cleansing of Christians from the region must end.

H.R. 390 is the necessary step to keep these religious minorities alive.

We are tremendously grateful for the courage and determination of Congressman Smith and Congresswoman Eshoo.

We thank all those in the House who voted for the bill.

Now the Senate must act and act quickly to pass this legislation.

Thank you.