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Do We Challenge Them?

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This Month’s Chaplain’s Report 
Faith Formation Program
Father Jonathan D. Kalisch, O.P.
Director of Chaplains and Spiritual Development


During this grace-filled time following the papal visit to the Americas, let us assist our brother Knights in reaching out to the men and their families whose hearts may now be open to conversion — that is, a return to the Church and sacramental practice. The beautiful witness of our Holy Father’s words and actions of visiting the imprisoned, homeless and young immigrants highlight once again the centrality of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

While in Philadelphia, Pope Francis reminded priests of their special duty to invite young adults — as well as those not yet engaged in their faith — to a great participation. He asked, “Do we challenge them? Do we make space for them and help them to do their part? To find ways of sharing their enthusiasm and gifts with our communities, above all in works of mercy and concern for others? Do we share our own joy and enthusiasm in serving the Lord?” (Homily, Sept. 26, 2015).

Can we, as Knights of Columbus chaplains, encourage our brother Knights to ensure — as Pope Francis asks — that every council fosters “in all the faithful a sense of personal responsibility for the Church’s mission, and to enable them to fulfill that responsibility as missionary disciples, as a leaven of the Gospel in our world?”

As we meet with our councils this month, can we share with them the fruits of our own reflections? Can we share how we will respond to the pope’s call to each of us priests “to reflect on our ministry to families, to couples preparing for marriage, and to our young people?”

Our brother Knights stand ready to assist us in these vital areas of engagement that the pope has asked us to focus on. Together, let us continue this work of evangelization, mindful of the graces of the papal journey and the hunger of many to meet Christ through the spiritual and corporeal works of mercy.

Vivat Jesus!


Fr. Jonathan D. Kalisch, O.P.
Director of Chaplains and Spiritual Development
(203) 752-4115