10-Step Program

The chaplains were given a roadmap to success on Thursday morning when Father John Grace, O.S.A., presented a new pamphlet called “10 Keys to Success for Chaplains.”

Director of Chaplain Program & Development, Father Grace said that if chaplains followed the 10 points, there would be a growth in spiritual development within the Order, and many more men would be attracted to join.

The points are:

1. Nourish the special role of the Knights of Columbus as a lay fraternal organization within the Church. Stress and support the fact that Knights take pride in working as the “strong right arm of the Church” and of the parish.

2. Acquire a working knowledge of the Order’s operations on all levels. This includes being present at all state and local council meetings; reading Columbia magazine, which contains a monthly column by Supreme Chaplain Bishop William Lori, and consulting the monthly Chaplains Report and the Order’s website.

3. Involve council members in sacraments and prayer. Promote the Eucharist and Mass attendance, instruct them in the faith to deepen their understanding, urge them to pray the rosary, and promote vocations to priesthood and religious life.

4. Promote devotion to Father Michael McGivney. The founder of the Order, a holy parish priest who was named “Venerable” in 2008, should be the model for all K of C chaplains. Join the Father McGivney Guild and have all council members join, to support beatification of Father McGivney. Read the biography Parish Priest, which relates the life and times of Father McGivney.

5. Provide catechesis on faith and morals. Let members know what is demanded of them to be practicing Catholics in the 21st century, when so much of the culture has turned secular.

6. Lead by example and effective teaching. Be a spiritual leader who calls Knights to a higher level of devotion and dedication to the Catholic faith.

7. Tend to Knights of Columbus families. The Order is not only a men’s organization. The Knights is a family organization that was founded to care for wives and children. Be a friend, teacher and sanctifier of the family, showing up when called and being there in times of joy, sorrow and grief.

8. Work in collaboration with local, state and supreme councils. Use the resource materials provided and keep lines of communication open.

9. Attend council meetings. Don’t look at council meetings as a chore to be endured, but as an exciting opportunity to instruct and sanctify the members and lead them in a life of faith in action.

10. Reinforce pro-life activities. Join the Order in building a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love by supporting and enhancing a pro-life mentality, from conception to natural death.