NEW Membership Recruitment Training Video

The Membership Recruitment Training video, has two parts, first an overview from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson on the importance of training and membership recruitment, and second, the membership recruitment training presentation. The training presentation covers four methods that councils can employ to recruit and retain members. Please show this video at upcoming council and council officer’s meetings. This video presentation can be viewed online or downloaded to a computer. Please use the information in this presentation to help ensure a great year in membership recruitment.




"The Power of One"

This production is geared to help councils strengthen their rosters with active new members and develop local leaders for the Order. The production looks at a successful council and its efforts to work with other local councils to make a difference in the local parish and community.




Recruitment Drive

A coordinated membership Recruitment Drive is an all-out effort to maximize your membership teams' efforts by canvassing an entire parish on one weekend, gathering the names of prospective new members for follow-up.  Order your supplies now for your next Recruitment Drive.




Automated Honorary/Honorary Life Awards

The Supreme Council office has automated the processing of Honorary/Honorary Life awards and the issuing of the appropriate cards for council/assembly members. This change includes the new Fourth Degree Honorary distinction. With this, notification to the Supreme Council office requesting these updates is no longer needed. After the initial run, the cards will be sent to FSs/FCs weekly for presentation at a suitable occasion.


All You Need to Succeed

The Surge Kit 
Officer handbooks 
Media Library
Officers Online
Recruit Retain Reactivate to Council Health (.pps)




Council Assessments

All council payments for Per Capita, Catholic Advertising and Culture of Life assessments as well as any Supply Charges can be mailed to:



Knights of Columbus
Attn: Council Accounts
P.O. Box 1480
New Haven, CT 06506-1480
These payments should be forwarded to the Supreme Council Office within 65 days of the January 1 and July 1 billing date to allow sufficient processing time prior to the suspension date of April 10 and October 10.




Knights of Columbus Essay Contest

The Order encourages all councils and assemblies to sponsor the Knights of Columbus Essay Contest at schools in their communities. The essay contest is a creative way to encourage young people to become citizens who are firmly grounded in the Faith.




Soccer Challenge

Now is the time to order your Soccer Challenge Kits for your council competititions in September.  Click on the title above to learn more about the Soccer Challenge.  District Deputies should start preparing for their district competitions and order your kits.  Also, order your district medallions by calling (203) 752-4016. 




Winter Membership Tournament

November 1, 2015 - January 31, 2016

For the next three month, we will be involved in four Winter Tournaments:


U.S. - Super Bowl of Membership

Canada - Columbus Cup Membership Playoffs

International - World Series of Membership

Philippines - Membership Heavyweight Boxing


See attached contest rules for November only.  The contest rules for December and January will be published at the end of the previous month and awards will now be monthly.




World Sports Membership Championship

July 1 to October 31, 2015

Recruit a certain percentage each month and win. Click on title to see the report.




Pope Francis District Deputy Award

October 1 - December 31, 2015 - One First Degree, per District, per Month

Do at least one First Degree per month or more.




  • Conduct one First Degree in your district per month and receive 15,000 VIP points*
  • Conduct one First Degree in your district 2 out of the 3 months and receive 10,000 VIP points*
  • Conduct one First Degree in your district 1 out of the 3 months and receive 5,000 VIP points*


For every additional degree each month, receive 2,500 VIP points* per degree.


*Must submit all forms 450 by January 15, 2016 to receive credit for each degree; additionally each degree must have at least 3 new members.

You can attain the three member mark each month by having multiple degrees and you will still get credit for those degrees as well.




Council Challenge

Council Challenge - If the council recruits 12 or more new/former members by December 31, 2015, the council will receive 20,000 VIP points to be used at the council's discretion. The points can be used to purchase merchandise from Knights Gear.


Please note points will be sent out at the end of the challenge.




Star Council Awards

Star Council is the ultimate goal for any council. For the fraternal year 2015-16 ending on June 30, 2016, the following awards are available if your Council attains Star Council:

  • Newly designed plaque with Council's Net Membership goal attained
  • Star Council Lapel pins for the Council Grand Knight, Membership Director and Program Director
  • 10,000 VIP points per Star attained up to 5 stars
  • 20% Bonus on VIP points for those councils who attained Star Council status last Fraternal year and earn the same level or higher status this year.




Council Batting Challenge

The Knights of Columbus Council Batting Challenge started July 1 and ended September 30, 2015. Please see the challenge rules below:

Recruit at least 5 new or former members during this challenge and your council will win a miniature Louisville Slugger Bat.

Recruit at least 10 new or former members during this challenge and your council will win a Full Size Personalized Louisville Slugger Bat.

ADDED BONUS – For each new or former member your council recruits within the first 3 months of the Fraternal Year the council will receive 1,000 points per member recruited.




Pope Francis Recruiter's Award

In honor of Pope Francis' visit to the United States in September, 2015, we are offering a special incentive to all recruiters.  Between July 1 and December 31, 2015, you will receive 2,000 VIP points for every new or former member recruited in this time period in addition to a medallion similar to the one here for the first new or former member recruited only.




Field Agent Star Council Lapel Pins

Each of you are an important part of the Order's growth and success, Therefore, if any of your councils attain one of the levels of the Star Council Award, you will receive a lapel pin with the number of councils that have attained Star Council.  Additionally, you will receive some VIP points for each Star Council in your area. Click on the title to view the postcard sent out to the field.




Membership Growth

Recruiting new members is essential to the continued growth and well-being of your council and the Order. Offering a man membership in the Knights of Columbus gives him the opportunity to improve his own life and his community. Membership allows him to experience the fraternal bond that Knights share while growing closer to his family and faith.


  Supreme Knight on Membership






Program Planning

The Service Program is designed to establish each council as an influential and important force within the community, elevate the status of the programming personnel, provide more meaningful and relevant programs of action, establish direct areas of responsibility, build leadership, and ensure the success of council programs.




Service Activities





Culture of Life 




Leadership Communications

Keep yourself informed by reading the latest handbooks, magazines, newsletters and reports





Knightline - News from the Supreme Office

District Deputy reminder - Membership and programming

Squires newsletter - Monthy updates for circle leaders

Chaplain's report - Monthly updates for Chaplains

Columbia Magazine - Knights of Columbus monthly magazine



Council Growth

The dream of Father Michael J. McGivney was to have a council presence in every parish is our daily focus






For Chaplains

This month's Chaplain's Report
Father Jonathan D. Kalisch O.P.

Father Jonathan D. Kalisch
Director of Chaplains and Spiritual Development

Men on the Periphery

This year, on Aug. 14, we commemorate the 125th anniversary of the death of Venerable Servant of God Michael J. McGivney. Having devoted himself to the pastoral service of the Church, Father McGivney died at the age of 38 in 1890. Among the extraordinary virtues of his life, his evangelical zeal stands out. Over the course of 13 years, this parish priest sought out Catholic men on the peripheries. He was stationed at a church with an enormous building debt, where his own parishioners were derisively described as “servant-girls” by The New York Times (28 July 1879). There, in the shadow of an elite Protestant Ivy League university, Father McGivney reached out to those on the margins.

This month's Chaplain's Report

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