Baby Bottle Campaign

The “Knights of Columbus Baby Bottle Campaign” (also called a "Baby Bottle Boomerang") is a drive to collect funds to support culture of life initiatives at the local level. In this program, empty baby bottles are distributed to individuals or families to deposit their loose change, checks, or paper money, and the filled bottles are returned after a set period of time, such as a few days or several weeks.

Here are some suggestions on how to conduct a “Knights of Columbus Baby Bottle Campaign”:

  • Obtain your pastor’s permission to operate the “Knights of Columbus Baby Bottle Campaign” in the parish. Visit your pastor in person (not via a phone or e-mail) to ask permission to conduct the program. You should ask for at least two weekends -- the first to hand out bottles and the second to collect them.

  • Recruit a Knight to chair the project.

  • Determine the number of baby bottles you will need to cover the number of weekend Mass attendees. Ask your pastor for the number of families who donate to the parish each week.

  • Many pregnancy care centers already have a supply of baby bottles that they will lend to you for your campaign.

  • If not, ask council members to donate clean used baby bottles.

  • If not enough bottles are borrowed or donated, visit your local discount store and ask to speak with the manager. Explain the number of baby bottles you wish to purchase, which may be more than are currently in stock. Get a commitment to receive them several weeks prior to the event.

  • When the bottles arrive, remove the nipples (to ensure that the bottles are used for the collection) and put the labels on them. The labels (made possibly from mailing labels available at most office supply stores) should include your council's name, wording such as "Knights of Columbus Baby Bottle Campaign for Culture of Life Initiatives," the return date, and the Order's emblem.

  • At an organizational meeting assign Knights to each exit of the church to hand out baby bottles on the distribution date. Ask that an announcement about the program be put in the parish bulletin. Also place posters around the parish (with the pastor’s permission). Run the first bulletin notice a week prior to the distribution.

  • Ask the pastor to announce the program from the pulpit or have a council officer do it on the day the bottles are handed out.

  • On the set date, collect the bottles with the money before or after Mass. For people who forget their bottles, ask them to drop them at the parish office at their convenience (make arrangements with the pastor for this).

  • Ask the organization you are donating to permission to send a photo and press release about the donation to the local media. Try to avoid a “grip and grin” type presentation photo. Instead, send a photograph of people at the center sorting or using the donated items.

  • Return the bottles to the pregnancy care center or store the bottles safely for use during your next campaign.

Thank you to the North Carolina state council for this suggested program.