Baby Shower

Sponsoring a “Knights of Columbus Pro-life Baby Shower” is a great way to raise funds and obtain supplies for local culture of life organizations, a pregnancy care center (PCC), and shelters for women and children. Conduct the event at your local parish or community center, asking for donations of used baby or maternity clothing, infant and pregnancy supplies, diapers, bottles, formula, etc.

Here are some steps to follow when conducting this program.

  • Ask council members if they have an old crib that is in good condition or a portable play pen that is not being used.

  • Obtain your pastor’s permission to set up an old crib or play pen in the church’s entry way or foyer.

  • Set a period of time to run the event (for example, weekends for a month) and ask your pastor or make an announcement about the initiative, or get permission to have a council officer make an announcement before or after each Mass. Also, request for a written announcement be placed in the parish bulletin. The announcement should ask parishioners to consider donating new or used baby or maternity clothing, baby and pregnancy supplies, diapers, bottles, formula, etc.

  • If collecting monetary donations, be sure to place a secure receptacle in your collection area for cash and checks.

  • TIP: Place some nice baby/maternity items and supplies in the collection receptacle after setting it up so people can see what types of items are needed. Put a sign on the collection receptacle so people who miss the announcement will know what it is for.

  • Collect the items after Mass each weekend.

  • With permission of the organization you are donating to, send a photo and press release on the donation to the local media. Try to avoid a “grip and grin” type presentation photo and instead send photograph of people at the center sorting or using the donated baby shower items.

Thanks to the Kansas State Council for this suggested program.