Ultrasound Initiative Guidelines

Ultrasound Machine Purchase Program

When a state council/local council campaign raises one-half of the cost of purchasing an ultrasound machine for a pro-life pregnancy help center, the Supreme Council will match the other half of the machine’s cost.

Since this is a joint state and local council initiative, the state deputy must be informed at the beginning of the process of local and state council efforts. Throughout the campaign the state deputy should be kept informed of local and state council progress.

To qualify for matching funds, a Knights of Columbus state or local council must:

  1. Locate a pro-life pregnancy care center that is prepared to receive and use an ultrasound machine.
  2. Determine that this pregnancy care center will be able to staff and operate this machine. This will include:
    • Ensuring the center is properly licensed under state and local laws and regulations to operate an ultrasound machine
    • Ensuring that the center is affiliated with a medical doctor who is willing to oversee the ultrasound machine operations
    • Ensuring that the machine will be staffed with licensed and experienced medical personnel
    • Ensuring the center has adequate insurance for operation of the machine
  3. Determine that the pregnancy care center is not anti-Catholic in any way (i.e. - some centers have individuals who have attempted to lead Catholic women away from the Church).
  4. In a manner prescribed by the Supreme Council Office, submit documentation showing that you have completed each of the above steps.

Once each of these criteria have been met, work with the pregnancy care center to choose an ultrasound machine that will fit the center's needs. Get a quote for the purchase price of the machine (not including maintenance agreements or other add-on costs). The prices of ultrasound machines to date have reflected discounts negotiated with the vendor. In some cases, the discount has been 55% of the list price.

Begin fundraising. While the pregnancy care center may certainly assist in fund raising, if the pregnancy care center raises the funds predominately on its own, without on-going and significant involvement of the local council and the state council, the pregnancy care center will not be eligible for matching funds from the Supreme Council Office. The Knights of Columbus council must be actively involved in raising the funds for half of the purchase price of the ultrasound machine. The state council or the local council leading the drive should designate, or open, a council bank account to receive the funds. Donated checks should be made out to “Knights of Columbus,” not to the pregnancy care center, to assure all donations are counted towards the council’s share of the funds to be raised and matched.

Once the funds for not less than half of the purchase price are raised, submit the invoice or sales order for the ultrasound to the Supreme Council Office, which will match the other half of the purchase price of the machine.

According to the same terms as described above, funds may be raised and matched in order to replace a pregnancy care center’s machine that has become less effective because of excessive use or outdated technology.

Plan a check presentation or ribbon cutting ceremony to be held when the actual machine arrives or is ready for operation. Be sure to invite the state deputy and determine with the pregnancy center which media to invite.

Questions? Contact our Office of Pro-life, Marriage and Family Values or call 203-752-4403.