Knights of Columbus Family Week

Today, as at our founding, the family stands at the core of the Knights of Columbus' beliefs and ideals as a Catholic, family, fraternal service organization. The Knights of Columbus has always strongly supported the family at the local, state and international levels in many ways, especially through our award-winning insurance program. Councils throughout the Order regularly sponsor support groups for new parents, scholarships, babysitting services, fund-raisers for families in need, pro-life activities, family recognition programs, and other family-related projects.

Throughout the year, councils should work to strengthen families by encouraging wholesome home life. Urge families to make time to enjoy each other’s company, talk and be active together. Encourage members and their families to choose the Holy Family as their model of interdependence, sharing and respect for each other.

Knights of Columbus Family Week is a special opportunity for our Order to celebrate and emphasize the importance of the family through programs that support the Church and the parish, and unite Knights and Squires with their families and the community at large. These programs should be fun and enjoyable for all, but also meaningful in their message. Our celebration of the family shouldn’t be a private matter. Open it to nonmembers, prospects, parishioners, friends, priests, religious and everyone else in your community. Advertise your events and show the world that families are the backbone of communities and our Order.

Tell Us About Your Programs

Help us improve the Service Program activities offered by the Supreme Council office by sending reports on your council’s successful activities and/or any suggestions you may have on improving our programs. Send this information to Fraternal Services, Service Program Suggestions, 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT 06510-3326 or contact us. Please include “Service Program Suggestions” in the subject line.