Columbian Squires

Plan to Celebrate Squires Month

Each April, in celebration of “Squires Month,” circles throughout the Order conduct open houses, membership drives, community service projects and social events that highlight the Squires as a leadership development program.

But celebrating the success of the Squires is not the only purpose of “Squires Month.” Circles are reminded to sponsor newsworthy activities and events to increase public awareness. Charitable efforts and other worthwhile circle programs will help draw attention to your circle during “Squires Month” and through the entire year. Use whatever means are at your disposal to provide the people in your community with an opportunity to learn about the Squires so they’ll have a better understanding of who the Squires are and what they do.

Possible activities for& “Squires Month” include:

  • Support a local cause in your community by volunteering or raising awareness and/or funds.

  • Honor your father prior or parish priest by holding an investiture ceremony and dinner in his name. Be sure to recognize all they do for your Church community.

  • Hold a living rosary for the innocent victims of abortion;

  • Run a vocations awareness campaign for youth and young adults in your parish;

  • Roll up your sleeves and organize a clean-up project for your church;

  • Recognize altar servers with a special event;

  • Visit a senior citizen center;

  • Hold a concert, puppet show or similar event for children with disabilities;

  • Sponsor a drug and alcohol abuse seminar and invite guest speakers;

  • Run an open house for your members’ friends, schoolmates, CCD class members and other qualified prospects;

  • Organize and serve a communion breakfast for prospects, family members, counselors, Knights, clergy members and civic leaders;

  • Honor the Knights who act as counselors to your circle with a special appreciation dinner or activity.