Squire Recruitment and Promotional Material

To order any of the materials on this page, please use a Requisition Form (#1) and submit the order to the Supreme Council Supply Department.

Counselor Recruitment

A Generation Without Role Models (#4558) – This flyer should be used for recruiting Knights to become circle counselors. It introduces the program, encourages the volunteer spirit and urges adults to have fun and share their faith with Catholic young men by being a Squires counselor.



You’re More Qualified (#4559) – This poster, which is used for recruiting Knights as counselors, includes a space to name a contact person that interested men can call. Post it in your council meeting hall and encourage Knights to get involved with the circle.



Squire Recruitment

Use these materials to help your Squire circle grow.

Believe in Fun

Believe in Fun (#4556) – This flyer should be used for Squires recruitment. Give it to prospective members at school, church and religious education classes. The flyer highlights the different circle, service, spiritual and membership activities circles conduct.



Squires Recruiting Guide

Recruiting Guide (#4038) – This booklet is your guide to organizing and implementing a successful membership recruitment program in your circle. The suggestions presented here are proven winners, and you can choose from these ideas to find the best opportunities for success in your circle. With an easy-to-implement approach and well-outlined steps, this guide puts recruitment success within reach.