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1728 - Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity Help

Meetings for conducting or discussing business. Include officers and Service program committee meetings.

Dinners, card parties, dances, etc. Business may or may not have been discussed.

Lectures, films, seminars, cultural, ethnic, educational, religious events, etc. Business may or may not have been discussed.

Printing and Postage:
Printing and postage for newsletters, flyers, communications for activities.

Food and Refreshments:
Food, refreshments, etc. for activities.

Gifts, awards, incentives, raffles, etc. related to sponsored events.

Transportation, facility rental, photography, etc. for related projects.

Bands, magicians, comedians, etc. for events.

All other expenses not outlined above relating to activities.

Church Facilities:
Construction, repairs, remodeling, memorial gifts, etc.

Catholic Schools:
Donations, grants, construction, repairs, etc.

Religious Education:
CCD, lay apostolate, Keep Christ in Christmas, marriage encounter, etc.

Direct contributions to seminarians, postulants and religious.

Donations, construction, equipment, etc.

Vocations Projects:
Programs, speakers, films, program materials, etc

All other Church related disbursements not outlined above.

Homes for the aged, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, etc.

Physically Disabled:
Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, etc.

Special Olympics/Intellectual Disabilities :
Local, state and national contributions, etc., People with Intellectual Disabilities - candy distribution, etc.

Veteran Military/VAVS:

Food for Families:
Food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens, etc.

Victims of Disasters:
Natural disasters, fire, violence, accidents, etc.

Hospitals/Institutions/Health Organizations:
Equipment, construction, memorial gifts, etc., Health and Service Organizations - Red Cross, Hospice, United Way, cancer/heart funds, etc.

Global Wheelchair Mission:

Community Wide Projects:
Civic involvement, public safety, environment, decency, etc.

Habitat for Humanity Projects:
Civic involvement, donations, etc.

All other community related disbursements not outlined above.

Monies donated to Crisis pregnancy centers, BirthRight, Project Rachel, etc.

March for Life:
Making the council home available to pro-life groups and organizations.

Birthright/Baby Showers:
Fund-raising activities and monetary donations. Baby Showers - for individual pregnant women who are struggling financially, or for homes for unwed mothers.

Baby bottle campaign:
Individuals or families collect loose change, or paper money, in empty baby bottles and turn over to the council for pro-life initiatives.

Memorials to unborn children:
Donations, fund-raising activities, etc.

Ultra-Sound Initiative:
Raising funds to purchase ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers.

Columbian Squires:
Overall sponsorship, contributions, etc.

Sponsorship, contributions, etc.

Youth Groups:
CYO, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, 4-H, etc

Youth Welfare/Services:
Substance/child abuse, foster parents, etc.

Equipment, league/team sponsorship, transportation, etc.

Career nights, essay contests, tuition, fund raising, etc.

Coats for Kids:

All other youth related disbursements not outlined above.

Caring for the sick/nursing homes/hospitals.

Visits of condolence.

Number of Blood donors:
Members serving as blood donors.

Habitat for Humanity Projects:
Number of projects involved in during year

Church Activities:
Volunteer service in all Church related activities.

Volunteer service in all community related activities.

Volunteer service in all youth related activities.

Habitat for Humanity:
Volunteer services to these projects.

Culture of Life:
Volunteer service in all activities that support pro-life


Food for Families:

Special Olympics:

Volunteer service in any areas not outlined above.

Sick/disabled members and their families:
Household chores, transportation, tutoring, counselling, etc.

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