Member Social Communications Policy And GuidelinesSupreme Advocate

The Knights of Columbus Member Social Communications Policy and Guidelines apply to members and subordinate units of the Knights of Columbus when they choose to identify themselves as members of the Knights of Columbus or to discuss the work of the Knights of Columbus in social communications.  All officers should take the time to review the complete Knights of Columbus Member Social Communications Policy, which can be found here.  Agents should contact Field Management to obtain additional guidance regarding permissible use of social communications relating to the sale and servicing of financial products and services.

"Social Communications” refers to, among other things, the internet, World Wide Web, and social media.  “Social Media” includes blogs and microblogs, social networking sites, and picture and video sharing sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube, among others.  Social media also includes any website that embeds social media functionality and content, including comments sections on blogs and commercial sites, such as, as well as Facebook’s “like” button.

What follows below are guidelines that  summarize the main points of the Knights of Columbus Member Social Communications Policy

Member Social Communication Guidelines

Social Communications should be used by subordinate units and members of the Knights of Columbus to organize good works in the community and to promote the charitable mission of the Knights of Columbus.   Social communications should be leveraged to facilitate personal interactions in the community. Social communications should not be seen as a replacement for in-person human interaction.  When using social communications be sure to observe the principles of the Knights of Columbus:




Rev. Feb. 2012