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How To Conduct An Open House

An open house provides an opportunity to introduce your council and the Order to a broad audience of prospects at one event. The main objective is to “exhibit your products” — your volunteer service programs, your social and fraternal activities, your membership benefits — that your council and the Order have to offer to members and their families.

  • Appoint a committee to organize the open house.

  • Set a date and time. Publicize the event in local newspapers, radio, cable television and church bulletins.

  • Order quantities of promotional materials including the “Open House” poster (#2826) at least six weeks in advance.

  • Compile a list of prospective members.

  • Send open house invitations to prospects and their spouses.

  • Follow up the mailing with a telephone confirmation of receipt and availability to attend events.

As the event approaches, reconfirm all arrangements for site, materials, program, etc.

  • Arrange for a display of council scrapbooks, awards, programs, activities and

  • Assign to each attending prospect to a recruiter who will act as host throughout the event.

  • Invite your chaplain/parish priest and insurance agent to your event.

  • Plan program:

    • Welcome committee to greet guests;

    • Ask your chaplain or parish priest to endorse the Knights of Columbus;

    • Introduce officers, members;

    • Grand knight/membership director should explain council aims/organization;

    • Ask the insurance agent to explain benefits of membership.

  • Show a promotional video:

    • Experience of a Lifetime

    • Membership Recruitment Flip Chart

    • Life and Legacy of Father McGivney

    • Founding to Future

  • Schedule a question and answer session following the film further explaining the council and the Order. Conclude with refreshments or a light buffet.

  • Make certain host-recruiters ask prospects to join, and assist them in completing the Membership Document (#100).