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Membership Growth Checklist



Inviting members’ friends to join.

Start with why.
Recruiting is our opportunity to build our brotherhood and help our communities. To grow is to be able to expand your service. Your community needs your council now more than ever and your council needs to continually grow to help meet growing needs.

Talk to your pastor.
A council that doesn’t work with a pastor will struggle. Meet with him regularly. Talk about membership growth and ask him how you can work together. Ask if you can conduct membership drives at the church. Then ask if he will invite men he feels would be a good fit to join your council. Then ask what the council can do for him.

Challenge your members.
One of the most effective ways to recruit is a personal invite from a Knight. Challenge each of your members to bring in one new Knight this fraternal year. Everyone knows someone who should join our Order.

Schedule church drives.
Our Delta Church Drive Program is helping councils bring in a minimum of three new members per drive. If you’re not familiar with the program, reach out to us at the email address below. We’ll give you the training and the materials you need.

Set clear expectations on promoting membership.
Every fish fry, every pancake breakfast, every charitable activity, every event that draws a crowd is an opportunity to ask a man to join. These events are concrete proof of your council’s good works. Talk about membership at every event in the next year. Use our Online Prospect Form. It’s simple and we’ll take care of all the setup for you. Send us an email and we’ll help you get started.

Step outside of your comfort zone.
We hear a lot of stories from men who waited decades for someone to ask them to join the Knights. All it took was a personal invite. Go beyond your everyday circle. Talk with parishioners at Mass. Be visible. Reach out to the young and old. Reach out to all ministries and ethnic groups in your parish.

Questions about any of our Faith In Action programs? Email fraternalmission@kofc.org