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What Great Content Looks Likes

What exactly does “good” content look like? And where can you find it? As your Facebook page is a representation and extension of your council, let the founding principles of Unity, Charity, and Fraternity be your guide when looking for content appropriate to share with your audience.

Unity: Your content should promote your council’s unity with your parish, the Knights of Columbus mission, and of course, the Catholic Church. Share articles that feature upcoming parish events, new Order initiatives, faith formation resources from the USCCB, and the latest Angelus address from the Holy Father.

Charity: One of the best ways to encourage potential members to join your council is to promote the active charity that is central to the Order’s mission. Posting stories from your local newspaper about your council’s charitable work and creating your own photo albums chronicling such events is a great way to show your audience what it means to be a knight!

Fraternity: Look to the Knights in Action section of each month’s Columbia Magazine (available online) for great stories about your brother knights around the world performing good deeds. Sharing these stories on your council’s Facebook page shows how immense the Order’s impact truly is!

Places to Post from: There are many reliable and trusted Catholic resources to share content from. You can either post content from their websites, or share the content they post to their own social media profiles. Look to Catholic News Agency, EWTN, Salt + Light Media, Crux, The USCCB, Vatican Radio, Fathers For Good, and the Knights of Columbus for your council’s Facebook content needs!

Knightline, August 2016