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    Here’s a look at the Knight’s newest video series

    The K of C’s newest 12- episode video calls men to spiritual battle. It’s a wake-up call for Knights and for all men around the world.

    (Photo by Spirit Juice Studios)

    The Into the Breach video series shows that men are made for greatness. It invites men to remember that they were born into a battle — a spiritual, but nonetheless very real, battle — for their souls. It’s a battle for their families, for their friends and for the entire world. 

    The stories shared in Into the Breach are stories of triumph, stories of how we can beat the odds and regain our identity as strong men — strong in the faith, strong leaders in our families, strong in our masculinity, and strong in times of crisis.

    These videos were produced by Knights, for Knights. But they were also designed to be watched by anyone, at any time. Watch them with your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, friend or the whole family. Together, as a family, as a council, a parish and a world-wide community, we can close the breach and achieve greatness.

    The video series is available to stream online for free. Click below to watch.


    The Church is facing a “man crisis.” Men are made for greatness. “Authentic masculinity” means to live for excellence. Mike Phelan explains how he discovered the nature of true masculinity and how to live it. WATCH


    Man was not meant to “go it alone,” but to be in communion with others. It is important to build close friendships with other men of faith. Master Sergeant Sompaul Vorapanich shares lessons on the importance of brotherhood. WATCH


    Men must become leaders through developing their character. True leadership seeks greatness and brings out greatness in others. Robert Yates discusses his service in the Air Force and highlights the importance of being servant leaders. WATCH 


    The presence and involvement of a loving father is critical in the development of a child. True fatherhood models itself on God the Father. Former MLB player Mike Sweeney shares how faith shapes his role as a father. WATCH 


    There is a “battle for the very soul of the family.” Men’s service to their families requires sacrifice. Greg and Julie Alexander explain how discovering the true nature of marriage transformed their relationship and their family. WATCH


    Human life is sacred. Men have a responsibility to protect society’s most vulnerable. Men’s participation in the pro-life movement is vital. John Morales shares his story of regret, healing and hope as a testimony to the importance of life. WATCH


    Prayer must be a priority in the life of a man. Eucharistic adoration, reading scripture and saying the rosary are central to prayer. Robert Feeney tells his story of the power of prayer on the battlefield in Vietnam and life in general. WATCH


    Suffering is a mystery which can bring us closer to God and help us grow in holiness. The answer to suffering is Jesus Christ. Frank Ramirez shares his story of responding to intense suffering by worshiping God. WATCH

    Sacramental Life

    Christ offers his grace through the sacraments. The Eucharist and Confession need to be central to every man’s life. Jared Zimmerer explores how his experience as a bodybuilder helps him understand aspects of the sacramental life. WATCH

    Spiritual Warfare

    The life of a believer is a spiritual battle. Men have multiple spiritual weapons in the fight against Satan, and the stakes are high. Don O’Mara recounts his experience with abuse and addiction and finding forgiveness and freedom in Christ. WATCH 


    All Christians are called to be witnesses of their faith to others. To share the faith a man must know the faith. Ryan Young shares how his Eucharistic-centered camp for teenagers allows for an encounter with Christ. WATCH

    The Cornerstone

    Christ is the only sure foundation of a man’s life. We are to know, love and serve God, so we can be with him forever. Actor Clarence Gilyard Jr. shares his testimony of straying from God’s plan and how God led him to enter the Catholic Church. WATCH

    This overview of the Into the Breach video series was originally published in a special bi-weekly edition of Knightline, a resource for K of C leaders and members. Access Knightline’s monthly archives



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