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Survey of Fraternal Activity: The Barometer of Our Success


During the 2010 the Knights of Columbus contributed nearly $155 million dollars and nearly 70 million volunteer hours to benevolent causes.

That's what the annual Survey of Fraternal Activity indicated, and that's what the Order was able to publicize to the world.

The fact is that the K of C did even more. Just 78 percent of councils, assemblies and circles completed the 2010 Annually Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) and returned it to the Supreme Council office. The Supreme Council cannot report what it doesn't know, and it can't extrapolate the accomplishments of the 22 percent of its units that didn't answer the survey last year.

The deadline for returning 2011 survey forms (also found on pages 11-12 of the Council Report Forms Booklet [#1436]) is Jan. 31, 2012. Now is the time to start totaling what your council accomplished this year.

Humility is a virtue, but it’s also important to be able to show qualified men what the Knights of Columbus does and stands for. These potential members want solid facts. Your council, and the Supreme Council, needs those facts to tell prospective members that Knights and their families are as dedicated to the Church and community as they claim to be.

In addition, the Order needs to demonstrate to the governments of the countries it is present in the incredibly high return on investment they get by granting the Knights of Columbus' tax-exempt status. The Survey of Fraternal Activity is one of the chief vehicles for explaining that fact.

To tabulate your council's accomplishments, use the Survey of Fraternal Activity Individual Member Worksheet (#1728A) (or found on page 9 of the Council Report Forms Booklet.) Distribute the worksheet and distribute it to members at a regular business meeting, or mail copies out with the council's newsletter. Ask members to return completed worksheets early enough to allow plenty of time to compile totals for the entire council.

Submit the data to the Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Services by using the 2011 Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity Form (#1728).