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Throwback Thursday – 1919 Kamakura, Japan


Field secretaries and other K of C travelers at the Daibutsu (Buddah) in Kamakura, Japan, 6 December 1919.

During World War I, the Knights of Columbus provided material and spiritual comforts for members of the armed forces including the celebration of Mass, debates, paper and pens, newspapers, and more. After the war the Knights of Columbus continued to support the U.S. Army and Navy with “creature comforts” and morale-building activities. K of C field secretaries carried out these efforts.

Occasional trips were planned for those serving in the Philippines, Japan and Siberia. One such trip was to Kamakura, Japan. This postcard shows the great bronze Amida Buddha crowded with U.S. sailors and K of C field secretaries. The bottom of the postcard carries the identification: The Knights of Columbus Excursion to the great Daibutsu at Kamakura Japan. Dec. 6 - 1919. In Compliment to the U.S.S. South Dakota.

In 1919 the Knights offered “Everybody Welcome, Everything Free.” Today the Knights continue their commitment with Serving Those Who Served.

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