College Movie Program

College Movie Program

A Higher Purpose
Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with friends while also engaging with great films and considering larger questions in a fun and accessible way. Councils will host screenings of thought-provoking films, and participate in discussion of the film’s themes, audience impressions and implications for how to live a good and virtuous life.

Featuring movies handpicked by the supreme knight, the College Movie Program is designed to introduce students to quality films that facilitate engaging conversation. During a movie night film screening, the council will not only view a film, but also lead discussion that considers the content of the movie, its historical background and connections to present day concerns. To assist with these discussions, the College Councils Departments offers study guides (both in print and online) that include an introduction, which offers a historical perspective on the era portrayed in the film, explains important characters and explores relevant background information. Additionally, memorable quotes and "Thoughts for Discussion" are included to help steer your post-movie conversation.

Program Requirements
To satisfy program requirements, councils should hold at minimum two to four movie nights through the academic year.

Action Steps

  1. Working with your chaplain, obtain his recommendations on conducting the College Movie Program.
  2. Ensure that the film viewings are fully approved by your chaplain and campus student activities office.
  3. Secure a location to screen your movies. Make sure it is a large space so that more than just the council or campus Catholic community can attend.
  4. Pick the film that will be viewed! Be sure to go through the proper procedures to acquire the screening rights for the film. Contact your student activities office to learn more about procedures on your campus.
  5. Order supplies for the event, including enough copies of the film study guide for attendees, through Supplies Online and at no cost by the council Grand Knight and Financial Secretary. Be sure have access to a copy of the film, as well!
  6. Plan to have refreshments and snacks on hand to improve the viewing experience and increase fraternity.
  7. Build public interest! Promote the movie nights in your council and larger community through a variety of efforts:
    • Posting on your council website / social media pages
    • Prominently display promotional posters (which can be ordered through Supplies Online and at no cost by the council Grand Knight and Financial Secretary
    • Pulpit announcements
    • Bulletin announcements
  8. At the movie screening and discussion, wear Knights of Columbus-branded apparel and have the council membership director set up a table with brochures and membership documents (including Prospect Cards (#921A) and Online Membership ‘Why Join?’ Brochures (#10537)). Do not forget that this event is a recruiting opportunity!
  9. Before showing each film, be sure to introduce it. Reading the intro on the study guide can be a great place to start. Also, remember to mention that this event is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and briefly mention what the council does, inviting any Catholic men present to join.
  10. Following the film, invite attendees to discuss the film, starting with their general impressions, and then move on to the items covered in the study guide. Also invite observations that may be outside the materials covered in the guide. Depending on the size of the crowd, breaking up into smaller groups may be more effective than a single group discussion.
  11. Enlist a fellow Knight or community member to photograph the movie nights.
  12. To gain credit for your program, complete the associated reporting forms and submit them to the Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Mission and College Councils Department. Remember to retain copies for your council records.


  1. #10346 - A Man for All Seasons; Study Guide
  2. #10347 - Judgement at Nuremberg; Study Guide
  3. #10348 - On the Waterfront; Study Guide
  4. #10350 - We Were Soldiers; Study Guide
  5. #10468 - Henry V; Study Guide
  6. #10492 - Liberating a Continent; Study Guide
  7. #10559 - For Greater Glory; Study Guide
  8. #10745 - The Mission; Study Guide
  9. #10771 - Shane; Study Guide
  10. #10807 - Michael Collins; Study Guide
  11. #10808 - Katyń; Study Guide
  12. #10809 - Becket; Study Guide