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It's a good thing no one ever invites us anywhere.
Cathi D.
Some times they are not "accidents" they come from God. If we won't listen, he must try harder (literally) to get through to us.

Hope you are able to enjoy this Advent more fully, accident free.
Liliana W
Liliana W.
I had to slow down this Christmas year, due to illness as well! I believe God wants me to slow down too:) The first Advent and soon to be Christmas in eight years I have been able to enjoy! NO accident here:)
Barbara R
One of the most obvious ways to slow down and observe Advent is for Catholics to stop having "Christmas" events until it is really Christmas. Even our parish has "Christmas" dinners for various groups. Why not have things in the Christmas season? In my own home, I don't put any decorations up until Gaudate Sunday, and do not turn any tree lights on until Christmas Eve. I don't listen to Christmas carols in my home until then either. Done this way, the season emerges slowly and gently and I am not sick of it all by the evening of the 25th. We have gatherings in our home during the 12 Days, and that seems to be the right amount of festivity. Could Catholics resist the culture enough to celebrate in sync with liturgical time?

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