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Holding a Recruitment Drive: A Step-by-Step Guide

Holding a Recruitment Drive

Recruiting is a constant objective of every Knights of Columbus council, but it is especially crucial for college councils, who must replace their entire membership every four years. As your council strives to grow and reach its intake goals, a recruitment drive will be essential to your success. Provided is this step-by-step guide, in order to aid you in your efforts.

Choosing a Week
The timing of your recruitment drive is crucial to its success. Scheduling this drive during Homecoming week, for example, may not be the best idea, while holding it in conjunction with a student activities fair or campus ministry open house could be advantageous. Ideally, hold a drive at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, if not multiple times per term.

Planning the Recruitment Week
Once you select a week to hold your council’s recruitment drive, you’ll want to plan out the entire event. Be sure to include the following:

Pulpit Announcement
Obtain the permission of your chaplain to make a brief announcement about the council and your recruiting drive following one or more student Masses. At the end of Mass, council members should be made available to answer any questions, hand out flyers or assist with membership documents. Wear Knights of Columbus apparel to make yourselves more easily identifiable.

Information Night/Fraternal Benefits Night
Plan an informational night where prospective members can learn more about the Knights of Columbus and what your council does. You can reach out to your field agent and ask him to present on the legacy of Father McGivney and the Order’s insurance program.

Faith, Fraternity and Service Events
It’s important to expose prospective members to all facets of the Knights of Columbus. The easiest way to do this is to hold events in our three most common areas — faith, fraternity and service. These events don’t need to be large-scale programs; for example, you could gather for daily Mass, grab dinner as a council at the dining hall or help a local parish with a project. By holding these events, you allow men to see the diversity and influence of your council.

First Degree Ceremonial
A recruitment drive would be unsuccessful without holding a First Degree Ceremonial. If your council has a First Degree team or plans to use the First Degree video, make sure everyone’s practiced and ready to go. If you’ll be relying on a First Degree team from a local council, make sure to give them plenty of notice to prepare for your candidates. Most councils hold the First Degree on the weekend following their pulpit announcement.

Post-Degree Activity
Recruitment drives generate a lot of excitement, and new members expect the council to remain vibrant and exciting. In order to keep up the momentum, make sure to conduct an event for new members a few days after the First Degree Ceremonial. It can be as simple as a fraternal dinner with the officers or something more involved, such as a community service project. Finding ways to keep new members engaged will keep them interested and active.

Promoting Your Recruitment Drive
In addition to your announcement(s) following Mass, you’ll also want to create flyers and posters to distribute around campus. If your council has a Facebook page (and/or Twitter account), you can promote your drive using social media. Also, wearing Knights of Columbus gear, especially during a recruitment drive, can help create awareness of your council. The more your council’s presence is made known, the more prospective members you’ll attract.

Supplies for Your Recruitment Drive
To aid you in your recruitment drive, Form 100s, Candidate’s Kits, brochures, posters and other materials are available for free from the Supreme Council. Please click here for further information about ordering supplies.