College Council Membership

With the arrival of the new students each term, college councils have a great number of potential members eager to get involved.

Throughout the fraternal year, college councils receive information from the Supreme Council's Council Growth & Development Department for implementation of the current membership campaign

The retention of college council members is a growing concern, especially in the area of alumni and graduating senior members. An effective retention program for college councils would involve using a member interest survey to keep current members active, encouraging graduating seniors to transfer their membership to a local council, and implementing other retention program ideas suggested by the Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Services.

Graduating Senior Members

During the month of January, each college council financial secretary is asked to submit the council's list of graduating seniors. Once the list is received at the Supreme Council, a letter is sent to each graduating member asking him to recruit at least one new member before graduation and encouraging him to remain active in the Order by transferring his membership to a local council where he will reside. Each May, a letter of congratulations is sent by the supreme knight with a reply card, again encouraging the member to remain active by transferring his membership to a local council. Once either of the reply cards are received at the Supreme Council, state and local council officials are informed of the member's decision.

More information and ideas on this topic are available from the Supreme Council by contacting the College Council Program, or writing to:

Knights of Columbus
Attn: College Councils
1 Columbus Plaza
New Haven, CT 06510