March 2013

  • Religious Freedom is a Natural Right

    by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson

    Our duties and rights in relation to religious liberty precede the government and go beyond mere toleration.

  • The Power of Love

    by Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori

    In Christ’s victory over sin and death on the cross, God manifests his love and overturns our earthly expectations

  • The Way of the Cross

    by Columbia staff, with prayers by Pope Benedict XVI

    Following Jesus Christ on his way to Calvary, a traditional devotion helps us to meditate on the mysteries of salvation.

  • In My Father’s House

    by Father Frederick L. Miller

    The finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple illuminates the Fatherhood of God and the fatherhood of St. Joseph.

  • Guided by the Lord

    by Michelle K. Borras

    Grateful for Pope Benedict’s service, we ask Christ the Good Shepherd to bless his Church during this time of transition.

  • A Tradition of Faith, Family and Fraternity

    by Colin Parrish

    The Knights of Columbus has played an instrumental role in Catholic family life for more than five generations.

  • ‘God Keep Our Land Glorious and Free’

    by Colleen Rouleau

    Catholics respond to a growing secularism that threatens religious liberty in Canada.

  • Good Friday Foundation

    by Father Gregory Gresko

    We recall the saving passion and death of Christ, the great High Priest, and the sacrifice of his priestly servant Father McGivney.