International Family of The Year

Past State Deputy Recognition

State deputies work year-round to promote the principles of the Order: charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. After their term of service, they remain a valuable source of encouragement, wisdom and leadership for their successors and the Order as a whole. The board of directors annually recognizes the dedication and accomplishments of immediate past state deputies. The 36 past state deputies honored this year for their service are:

Alberta: Gary H. Johnson

British Columbia: Dwight C. Wilmot

California: Raymond F. Warriner

Colorado: Roger G. Muller

Connecticut: Ralph A. Grandpre

Delaware: David P. Haney

District of Columbia: Patrick E. Kelly

Florida: Christopher E. Kernan

Georgia: Richard G. Sisko

Illinois: Richard C. Spada

Manitoba: Merlyn A. Onyschuk

Mexico Northwest: Gustavo A. Guzmán-Olivas

Mexico South: Carlos A. Carrillo-Colorado

Minnesota: Craig A. Larson

Mississippi: Gerald E. Schmuck

Nebraska: James N. Haiar

Nevada: John P. Layman

New Brunswick: Gérard J. Arsenault

Newfoundland and Labrador: Baden L. Clouter

New Hampshire: Joel D. Plante

New Jersey: Daniel Rossi

New York: Salvatore A. Restivo

North Carolina: Gregory S. Kent

Nova Scotia: Robert W. Brooks

Ohio: David A. Helmstetter

Oklahoma: Daniel P. Hogan

Ontario: Joseph T. Salini

Oregon: Patrick L. Rice

Prince Edward Island: Gaye T. Hood

South Dakota: Terry M. Schweitzer

Tennessee: Michael L. Wills

Vermont: Thomas F. Curran

Virginia: Tommy C. Harger

Washington: Donald J. McBride

West Virginia: Mark J. Ackermann

Wyoming: Donald J. Scott