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Columbian Squires Awards

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During the 2012-2013 fraternal year, four jurisdictions took the lead in promoting the growth of our Columbian Squires youth organization, helping the program reach an all time high in the number of circles on active status.

Massachusetts and New Brunswick achieved the greatest percentage of net gain in new circles, adding one circle each for a gain of 100 percent. Congratulations to State Squires Chairmen Everett Belisle of Massachusetts and Maurice LeBlanc of New Brunswick.

West Virginia had the greatest membership percentage gain, adding 20 new members for a gain of 133 percent. Congratulations to State Squires Chairman Gerald Somazze.

Luzon achieved the greatest gain in total membership recruitment, posting a net gain of 476 Squires to end the fraternal year with 8,835 Squires. Luzon also captured the top spot in the greatest net gain of circles, with 35. Congratulations to Luzon Squires Chairman Jose F. Cuaresma.