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Frequently Asked Questions

137th Supreme Convention
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aug. 6-8, 2019

  • Am I a new user or a returning user?

    If you reserved a room or dinner ticket online in previous years, you already have an account created. Use the "Recover My Username" function if you cannot remember the email address you used when you created your account.

  • Can any member of the Order and his family attend the Supreme Convention?

    The supreme convention is open to any member of the Order who wishes to attend. Please note that only members of the Order in good standing can gain access to business sessions.

  • Where is the convention being held, and what is the hotel room rate?

    All major convention events will take place in the Minneapolis Convention Center. A total of three hotels adjacent to the Convention Center will house all convention attendees. The Hilton Hotel with a room rate of US$195.00, the Hyatt Regency with a room rate of US$199.00 and the Millennium Hotel with a room rate of US$195.00. Please note: As much as possible, state council delegations will be assigned rooms in the same hotel during the Supreme Convention.

  • Why can't I request which hotel I want to stay in for the convention?

    The Supreme Secretary’s Office will try to assign the hospitality suite and the corresponding delegations to the same hotels whenever possible.  With that, convention attendees will not have a hotel choice when registering online – when possible they will be assigned to the hotel where their delegation is also assigned.

  • I'm driving to the hotel, where can I park?

    We suggest contacting your assigned hotel, once you receive your confirmation from the hotel.

  • Do I call the hotel directly to book a room?

    No, the hotels that the Supreme Council contracts with will not accept any reservations from Knights of Columbus members unless they are made through the Supreme Secretary's Office. Reservation confirmations will be acknowledged by the hotel via email to the email address you provide when registering online at www.kofc.org/reservations. All room reservations must be received by the Supreme Council Office prior to the registration cutoff date, June 30, 2019.

  • How do I get tickets to the States Dinner and what's the dress code for the evening?

    On Tuesday, Aug. 6, the Minneapolis Convention Center will host the annual Knights of Columbus States Dinner. Tickets are US$80 each and can be ordered online at www.kofc.org/reservations. Dress for the evening is formal attire. Most men wear tuxedos with a white dinner jacket and many of the ladies wear dresses to this gala event for over 2,000 Knights and their families.

  • Where do I go to pick up my States Dinner tickets and to get name badges for myself and my family members?

    The Supreme Secretary's Office will be located in the Minneapolis Convention Center, and will be the location where all convention attendees can come to get name badges and States Dinner tickets. The office is also where all elected convention delegates should come to register prior to Tuesday's Opening Mass.

  • Do I need a name badge?

    Yes. Log into the Convention Registration to create a name badge for yourself, as well as anyone traveling with you. Every Supreme Convention attendee will need a name badge and should wear it at all times. Gaining access to any Supreme Convention event will necessitate attendees having their name badge with them.