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Meeting with Your Pastor – Grand Knight’s Preparation

Every grand knight should first schedule a meeting with council officers and program personnel to create a plan for which Domestic Church programs the council will be able to sponsor. He should then ask for a meeting with the pastor to discuss this plan, and how it can be incorporated into the existing parish framework.

Talking Points

1. Ask your pastor for a meeting to discuss the new Building the Domestic Church initiative and how it will enhance your council’s relationship with your parish. If your pastor is not your council chaplain, be sure to set a time when your chaplain can also attend a meeting with your pastor.
2. Read the Supreme Knight’s December and January columns in Columbia magazine in advance of your meeting.
3. Bring a copy of The Family Fully Alive (#10162) program book to the meeting for discussion. Consider the possibility of providing this book to every council family.
4. Be open to new ideas and opportunities that your pastor may have for your council. If other parish groups are already taking the lead on similar programs your council should be prepared to collaborate and support their efforts.
5. Make plans to have regularly scheduled conversations between the pastor and council leadership to both assess current initiatives and discuss new programs or new approaches to existing programs.

Conversation Topics and Questions
The Building the Domestic Church initiative is intended to strengthen and support Catholic families. In order accomplish this Knights of Columbus and their families must be fully integrated into the sacramental life of the parish.

This initiative is a direct response to Pope Francis’ call for a new alliance between the Church and the family. Knights of Columbus resources, programs and membership should be utilized to support the programs and initiatives of their parishes.

• What are the top parish priorities over the next few years? How can your council lead or support those initiatives?
• What is your council already doing that your pastor and parish would like you to continue or expand in support of parish families?
• How can the council be a vehicle for the men of your parish to grow in their faith and support and nurture the Catholic faith within their families?
• Could the Family Fully Alive monthly program be incorporated into the parish’s ministry to families? How can the Knights of Columbus help to facilitate this experience?

Under the banner of our new initiative, Building the Domestic Church, we are aligning our youth activities with the mission and goals of our parishes and providing volunteers and financial support for those initiatives.

• How is youth ministry currently being run and supported at the parish?
• How can your council members be more supportive or involved in the parish-based youth ministry activities?