Journey to the Inn

Journey to the Inn

In an increasingly secular world, many Catholics are faced with the difficulty of sharing the faith. With the bustle of Christmas shopping and the frequent removal of religious imagery from Christmas displays, it seems that communities have forgotten the incredible gift of Christ and the beauty of his birth.

Facing similar concerns when first introducing Christ to the New World, Franciscan missionaries in the 16th century found that simple re-enactments of the story of Christ’s birth could touch the hearts of those they encountered. The Spanish missionaries referred to these ceremonies as Las Posadas — meaning “the inns” or “the shelters” — as they gave emphasis to Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter before Our Savior’s birth.

“The tradition of the Posada helps us to remember the first Christmas in a way that unites people of faith from throughout the American continent,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. “This event will bring together people of many cultures, highlighting the fact that faith and the celebration of Christmas transcend any differences we may have.”

These festivities have remained popular throughout Latin America and the southwestern United States, yet children and adults from all cultural backgrounds can use similar celebrations to embrace the true meaning of the Christmas season and share the joy of Christ’s birth.

For ideas on how to adapt this tradition to your own community, councils can turn to Journey to the Inn: An Advent Celebration (#9898). Through this booklet, the Order hopes to bring a sharing of various cultural Christmas celebrations to all Knights and their families.

Action Steps

To organize a successful Journey to the Inn program in your parish, your council should:

1. Share the online copy of the program booklet with your pastor and discuss the possibility of hosting the program at your parish. Be sure to talk with him prior to the First Sunday of Advent and explain how the program can be adapted according to the needs of the families who participate.

2. Choose a date during Advent to host the event. Be sure this date is acceptable to your pastor.

3. Order copies of the Journey to the Inn booklet once the date is set. Complete your order as soon as possible, to be sure the materials arrive well in advance of your event.

4. Appoint a committee to work with your chaplain on additional event details, such as selecting prayers, readings and event assignments.

5. Promote the celebration at all events and Masses at your parish several weeks before Advent begins.

6. Recruit council members and parishioners to volunteer. Invite young performers to play the different roles and request families to help set up outdoor stations and design costumes.

Support Materials

To assist your council in organizing the Journey the Inn program, the following materials are available from the Supreme Council.

Journey to the Inn: An Advent Celebration (#9898)